Basic Text Editing


In this section, you will learn how to edit the text colour and how to add/remove text.

Editing Text


Click on the Type Tool Icon in the tool section. It will show it is active by having a blue vertical bar next to it.


Next, Click on the Text in the Document Window which you want to edit.


You will see a new set of text tool options being displayed in the highlighted section below.

Changing the Colour of Highlighted Text


With the text section selected, Highlight a Portion of the Text you wish to change the colour of.

Opening the Colour Picker


To open the Colour Picker, click on the colour picker box in the section highlighted below.


This will expand the Colour Picker which gives you access to all the colours available.

Selecting a Primary Colour


To change the Primary Colour, click or drag your mouse anywhere on the vertical colour strip.

Selecting Colour Shades


To change the Colour Shade, click or drag your mouse over the square coloured box. A White Circle will show which colour shade you have chosen. When done, click Ok.

Replacing Text


To replace text, Highlight the Portion of the Text you wish to edit. Then simply type what you want to replace it.

Cancel or Save Changes


Once you are done, you will either want to Cancel or Save the changes you have done. To cancel, click the X highlighted below.


To Save your changes, click on the Checkmark highlighted below.

Final Results


Once you have saved your changes, you can confirm the final results in the document window.