Bulk Resize

Uploading & Resizing


In this section you will be uploading the images you want to resize, adjusting the settings, and downloading the final results.

Uploading Images Clicky


To upload your image(s), drag and drop your images into the highlighted box, or click on the Choose Images button.

Adjust Settings & Start


To adjust the settings, start by clicking on the Width button highlighted below.


Change the width amount to 800px.


Change the image quality to 100%.


Once your settings are set, click the Start Button to start the image resize process.

Download and Review


Once the Image Resize process is complete, your file(s) will download automatically. If they do not, click the Download Again button to start the download.


You can review the size changes to your file by looking at the highlighted section below.

Note: Multiple images are compressed into a Zip file. You will need to extract the images from this file inorder to access them.