A “Business Loan Alternative Company”

“The average person makes over $250,000.00 the first year.”

“The above average person will make twice that.”

Bestline Business Funding The Exclusive

“Refer A Business” Program

Bestline Business Funding

The Exclusive

“Refer A Business” Program

This Is The Most Phenomenal Income Producing Program EVER!

This Program has produced more Million Dollar Producers!

“No Other Company Comes Even Close To Offering What You Can Make with Bestline Business Funding”

This Program Is #1 In The Country

All you do is Refer to us any Business Owner that would want “Unsecured Working Capital” for their business. This is called a “Merchant Cash Advance”.

That’s It! And Your Job Is Over! We Do The Rest!

All we need is:

Our Simple One Page Application Completed

The Business’s Last 3 month’s bank statements, 4 months in CA, NY, UT, and VA

That’s It! And Your Job Is Over!

Then Watch What We do Best… Fund Them Immediately

We Approve Them In 1 Hour!
We Fund Them in 1 day!
And you get paid the VERY NEXT DAY!

Now Listen To What You Can Make

Not only will you receive the highest commissions in the industry when you “Refer A Business to us,

but every time that business renews it’s loan, you will receive a commission again for each and every renewal ongoing.

Other companies do not pay on renewals. We always do!

Renewals is where the Agents like you make the Large Residual Income. And we always pay commission on renewals.

95% of businesses continuously renew their loans over and over again. This creates “Lifetime Residual Income” for you!

The only requirements for the business are:

  • 6 Months Or Longer In Business

  • $5K Minimum Revenue Each Month

  • Active Business Bank Account

That’s it!

  • Approvals in less than an hour, with same day funding.

  • Which means you get paid the next day.

  • We fund up to $5 Million Dollars. This is what separates us from other companies.

  • No Collateral.

  • No Minimum Fico Credit Score. (Bad Credit OK)

  • Tax Liens Are OK.

  • Bankruptcies OK.

  • We Fund EVERY Industry, especially “High Risk” industries.

  • We are in ALL 50 States and Canada.

  • Now can you understand how our Exclusive “Refer A Business” Program can easily make you $25K+ a month the first year.

  • We will create a revenue stream for you that can be QUICKLY established and SCALED.

  • Merchant Cash Advances” sell themselves!

It Keeps Getting Better And Better!

Our “Agent Referral Program

When you refer any Person to us that becomes an “Agent” just like you, you will then receive a 25% “Override Commission” on EVERYTHING that persons earns with Bestline Business Funding.

Just to give you an idea what that means, we have “Agents” that have been with us for only 6 months that are receiving JUST from the “Agent Referral” Program over $10K a month. All they do is introduce people who they believe will do well.

Start Building A Team Today!

"To Get Started"
"To Get Started"


Receive Everything You Need To Be Successful In The “Merchant Cash Advance” Industry.


Fill out the “Contact Us” form below with your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. And you will receive our New Agent “Welcome Aboard” Package which contains the following:



Our “Business Referral” Form, where you refer any Business to us who needs “Unsecured Working Capital”. All we need is the Business Name, Owner’s Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.




Our “Agent Referral” Form, where you refer any person to us that you believe will become a good producer. And you receive a 25% override commission on EVERYTHING they earn with us.


Our “Merchant Application” which the Business Owner fills out and sends back along with the Business’s Last 3 month’s bank statements, 4 months in CA, NY, UT, and VA.



Our Custom “Marketing Flyer” page. Where you can customize our Great “Marketing Flyer” with your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.

What Our Agents Say

“The ‘Refer A Business’ program changed my whole life.
I started receiving commissions in less than 1 week. I
have been with them about 5 months and have made
over $180,000. And they say it only gets better.”

Christopher W., Des Moines, IA

“I just finished my first year with Bestline Business
Funding. I made over $400,000. They paired me up with
one of their top closers who is phenomenal. And I kept
100% of the commission.”

Carla G. , Denver, CO

“Not only am I making a phenomenal income with
Bestline Business Funding’s Exclusive “Refer A Business”
Program, but I have already introduced my 8th person to
the “Refer A Partner” Program. Last month that
Program alone made me over $27,000. What a life
changing opportunity.”

Oliver M., Austin, TX
“Bestline Business Funding’s “Refer A Business”
Program allowed me to quit my job after just 2 months.
And my wife doesn’t need to work anymore.”
Lawrence H. & Kathy H. , San Diego, CA

“I have worked for other companies in this industry over
the last 5 years and Bestline Business Funding has given
me the best support 100% of the time. And the
Dedicated Specialist that closes all my deals, they paired
me up with is a Game Changer. And I keep ALL the
commission ALL the time.”

Allen S. , Tucson, AZ

“This is the most lucrative opportunity

you will ever have.”

  • Our training has produced the largest producers in the industry.

  • Many of our Agents have started out part time and have been able to quit their F/T jobs inside of two months.
  • This is a 1099 Position.

  • We offer the best rates to the merchant and the highest payouts to our Agents.
  • You will paired with the top producing Agent of our Company. And you still keep the commissions.

  • Learn the industry from the TOP MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCER.

  • The highest closing ratio in the industry. (98%)

  • Our required docs to business owners are bare minimum. We keep it simple so you can succeed.
  • The Income Potential is Unlimited.

  • No Experience Necessary. (In Fact, NO Experience Is Preferred)

  • There is “NO” Selling Involved.

“Throughout American history, there has only been a handful of opportunities where you “DO NOT NEED EXPERIENCE” to make a STRONG six-figure INCOME or more within one year.





We will train the right person and give you all the tools you need to become a top producer in the “Merchant Cash Advance” industry.

BESTLINE BUSINESS FUNDING specializes in providing “UNSECURED WORKING CAPITAL” to small businesses.

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