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Changing the Font Type


This section covers how to change the Font Styles in your Email. This includes changing the Font Type, Font Size, Font Colour, Font Boldness and Text Alignment.

Changing Font Type


Start by highlighting the text "Welcome to Bestline Funding. With you text selected, click on the Font Type section in your toolbar.


Once you click on the Font Type section, a dropdown list will appear with all the fonts you can select. Click on the font named "Comic Sans MS" to change the font type.

Changing Font Size


Select the text you want to change the text size.


To change the text size, click on the Text Size Section. Type in the pixel size and the selected text will change immediately.

Changing Font Colour: Selecting the Colour Options


Select the text you want to change the text colour.


To change the text colour, click on the Text Colour Button. This will pop up the Colour Selection Window

Changing Font Colour: Opening the Advanced Colour Window


To open the Advanced Colour Window, click on the Advanced Button at the top of the Colour Window.

Changing Font Colour: Advanced Colour Window Overview


Colour Spectrum - The Colour Spectrum gives you access to all the base colour shades. Click anywhere on the vertical bar to select the base colour.


Colour Field - The Colour Field gives you more access to the colour shades you can select. Click anywhere in the Colour Field to select colour shade you want.


Currently Selected Colour - When you select a colour, it will be shown in this box.


Previously Selected Colour - The previously colour you have selected will be shown in this box.


HEX Colour - If you know the HEX code for the colour you want, you can enter it in here.


Apply - Once you have selected the colour you want, click the apply button to proceed.

Changing Font Boldness


With the your text highlighted, click on the B(bold) button to bolden your text.


Once you click the Bold Button, the text will be updated immediately.

Changing Text Alignment - Left / Center / Right


With your text highlighted, click on the Text Alignment button and select the Center Text button from the drop down menu.


Once you click the Center Text button, the text will update immediately.