Constant Contact

Adding a Spacer


This section covers how to add and change a Spacer into your email. Spacers are used to created gaps between sections and elements.

Adding a Spacer


To add a spacer into your email, click and hold on the "Spacer Icon" in the Blocks section.


With the spacer icon selected, drag the spacer onto your email canvas.

Note: You will see a Pink Bar showing you where the Spacer Block will be placed. Make sure the pink bar extends beyond the white space of your email.


Once you have placed your spacer, it will appear as shown below.

Opening the Spacer Tool Bar


To change the size of a spacer, click on the "Spacer".


The Spacer Toolbar will appear once you have clicked on the spacer.

Chanaging the Size of The Spacer


To change the size of your spacer, change the number of pixels in the section highlighted below.


After you have changed the pixel size, click the Done button to see the results.


Once you have clicked the done button, the results will appear immediately.