Constant Contact

Adding Images


This section covers how to add an image and resize it to your email.

Adding an Image Block


To add an image, click and hold on the Image Block in the block section.


With the image icon selected, drag the Image Block into your email.

Note: You will see a Pink Bar showing you where the Image Block will be placed. Make sure the pink bar extends beyond the white space of your email.


Once you add your image into your email, it will appear as shown below.

Opening the Image Library


To add the image you want, click on the Image Block in your email canvas.


Once you have clicked on the image block, the Image Toolbar will pop up. Click on the "Replace" button to open the image library.

Loading an Image from the Image Library


To load an image from your image Library, hover over the image you want to add. Two additional buttons will appear over the highlighted image.


Click on the "+" button to immediately load the image into your email canvas.


Once you have clicked the "+" button, the image library will close and your image will be placed into your email canvas.

Resizing Your Image


To resize your image, hover over your image, then click and drag the blue box with the white arrows.


The changes will be updated once you release your mouse.