Constant Contact

Adding a Logo

Adding an Image Block Element to Your Email


To Add an Image Block Element to your email, click and drag the "Image Block" from the Blocks section into your email.

Note: You will see a Pink Bar showing you where the Image Block Element will be placed. Make sure the pink bar extends beyond the white space of your email.

Select Image Block Element


After you have dragged the Image Block Element to your email, you will see a generic image icon. To select the image toolbar click on the Image Icon.

Loading the Image Library


Once you click on the Image Block Element, the toolbar will appear. Click on the "Replace" Button to open your Image Library.

Searching For Your Logo


Once you click on the Replace Button, the Library Window will appear. Click on the Search Field, and enter "Logo".


To start the search for your Logo, click on the "Magnifying Glass".

Selecting Your Logo


Your search will bring up images with Logo in the title. The first Logo is the Image you are after.


To select the Logo, hover over the image and click on the + Icon.

Viewing Your Logo


Once you have clicked the + Icon, the Library window will close and your Logo will be placed in your Email. You will see the changes immediately.

Selecting Your Logo For Resize


To resize your logo, hover over the Logo. A small blue box with two diagonal white arrows will appear. Click and hold on the blue box. Now drag your mouse left or right to increase or decrease the size of your Logo.

Results of Resizing Your Logo


Once you have resized your Logo, release your mouse to keep the changes you have made.