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Uploading Images


In this section you will be opening the Upload Window, uploading images, and verifying they were successful.

Open the Upload Window


Click on the Upload Button at the top right. A window will pop up with locations from where you can upload your images or documents. Select My Computer to continue. A new window will pop up with options for Uploading images.

Upload Window Overview


This section is used to select where you will be uploading the images from.


This section is used to place the images you wish to upload. You can either Drag and Drop or click the "or browse your computer to upload link to navigate to your images or documents.

Navigating To Your Files

If you chose to click the link Drag and Drop or click the "or browse your computer to upload you will then be prompted with a window to select your files. Navigate to your file locations and:


Select 1 or more images/or documents you wish to upload.


Click the Open button to continue.

Reviewing and Starting Upload Process


Once you have clicked the Continue Button, you will see thumbnails of the selected files for review.


If everything is correct, click the Upload Files button to start the upload process.

Confirmation and Closing The Upload Window


Once the process is complete, a confirmation message will be given if the upload was successful. Images that were successfully uploaded will have a green checkmark next to them.


To close the Upload Window, click the Close button at the bottom right.

Viewing Recent Uploads in the Inventory Section


Once you close the Upload Window, you will see your most recent uploads in the section highlighted. You can now use these images in your Campaigns.