Constant Contact

Modifying Columns


How to modify columns to display relevant information about your contacts.

Viewing Columns and Opening the Column Modifier


The columns display relevant information about the contacts. They are displayed as shown below.


To modify the numbers of columns or edit them, click on the Modify Columns button.

Modifying Columns


Once you click the Modify Columns button, a new window will open titled Modify Columns.


The columns section allows you to edit the columns you have available. These options include:

  • Sorting - To re-arrange the order of the columns by clicking and dragging a column and dragging it into the position you need.
  • Changing Column Displayed - To change the what a column displays, click on the down arrow and select the appropriate display needed for the column.
  • Deleting a Column - To delete a column, click the X next to the column to remove it.

To add a new column, click on the Add Column button. This will add a new column, where you can select the appropriate information to be displayed. Note: You can only have a maximum of 7 columns.


To save your changes, click the Save Button