Constant Contact

Contact Options


Using the options to modify a contact. These include: Viewing, Editing, Adding to a List, Removing from a List, Unsubscribing the email and Deleting the Contact.

Viewing and Using the options for Editing Contacts


Each contact on your list is designated a row, which includes the Email Address, and relevant information relative to your columns.


To view the additional options for editing your contact, click on the 3 dots at the far right of the Contact you want to edit.


Once you click the 3 dots, a window will pop up with additional options. These options include:

  • View - Click here to view the details of your Contact.
  • Edit - Click here to edit the details of your Contact.
  • Add to List - Click here to add your Contact to another or multiple other lists.
  • Remove from List - Click here to remove your Contact from the current List.
  • Unsubscribe Email - Click here to unsubscribe the email from your Master List. This will restrict the email from being sent any emails until you resubscribe the email.
  • Delete - Click here to delete the contact. You can either delete the contact from the list only, or completely from your Master List.