Constant Contact

List Options


Options available for editing lists from the main list page.

List Options


List Section - This section is where each list is location.


List Selection Box - To select a list, click this box to select the list.


Favorite Option - Click on the star to make a list a part of your favorites.


Contacts Counter - This number will indicate the number of Contacts you have in this list.


Date Created - This will display the date the list was created.


Open Additional Options - Click the 3 dots to expand additional options available to you for the selected list.


Additional Options - The additional options available for the selected list include:

  • View List - Click to view the list
  • Rename - Click to rename the list
  • Merge - Click to merge the list with another selected list ***
  • Export - Click to export the contact list
  • Send an Email - Click to send an email to the selected list
  • Delete - Click to delete the list