Constant Contact

Adding Contacts to Lists

Adding Contacts


Start by clicking on the Add Contacts button at the top right of the page.

Add or Import Contacts Window


Select Create a New Contact from the new window that will pop up.

Adding Email Address


Enter the Email Address for the contact that you are adding.

Adding Contact Details

A new window will pop up where you can enter the details of the new contact you have created. These details are laid out as follows:


Email Address - Here you can edit the email address of the contact you have added. This is required to make a New Contact


Permission Confirmation - This option is required in order to send emails to the New Contact, saying you have been given permission to add the contact into your Contact List.


Lists - In this section, you can select one or more lists to add your contact to. You must select atleast one list.


Create List - If the need to create a new list for the Contact, you can do so by clicking this button.


Basic Details - In this section, you can add all the relevant details about your New Contact.


Custom Fields - In this section, you can add additional information in your custom fields. These fields are custom created for unique information needed about your Contact(s).


Create Custom Fields - You can create Custom Fields by clicking this button and entering the name of the new field.


Save - When you are done entering in the details for your contact, click the Save button to proceed further.

Contact Completion Page


Edit Contact - If you need to edit the New Contact further, click on the Edit Button to take you to the Contacts Detail Page.


Additional Options - If you need to Unsubscribe the Contact or Delete the contact, click on the 3 dots to open these options.


Closing Contact Details Page - Once you finished with your Contact, click the X to close the window and return back to the List Page.

Verifying The Addition of Your Contact And Returning to the List Page


Verify Your Newly Added Contact - If you have added your Contact to the current list, it will be shown below.


Back to Lists - To return back to the Lists Page, click the button at the top left of the page.