Constant Contact

Filter Options


This Filters allow you to View, Sort and Organize your Campaigns for easy and better viewing. This is useful when you have a large number of Campaigns and need to quickly access Templates and Check Status of Sent Campaigns.

Status Button


Status Button - This button highlights the status of your Campaigns. These statuses include:

  • All - Shows all Campaigns created.
  • Draft - Shows all Draft Campaigns.
  • Sent - Shows all Sent Campaigns.
  • Deleted - Shows all Deleted Campaigns.

Sort By


Last Modified Button - This button provides options to sort your Campaigns. These options include:

  • Last Modified - Sorts all Campaigns by the last time they were edited.
  • Date Created - Sorts Campaigns by the Date they were Created.
  • Name A - Z - Sorts All Campaigns Alphabetically going from A - Z.
  • Name Z - A - Sorts All Campaigns Alphabetically going from Z - A.
  • Date Scheduled (newest) - Sorts All Scheduled Campaigns by newest.
  • Date Scheduled (oldest) - Sorts All Scheduled Campaigns by oldest.



Folders - This button displays the Folders available, aswell as the Folder Manager. Folders are used to organize your Campaigns. The options include:

  • Folder Manager - Click to access the Folder Manger, where you can Create, Edit and Delete folders.
  • Unfilled - All new Campaigns will be placed in the default folder name Unfilled.
  • Additional Folders - Every other Folder that is created will be listed below the Unfilled Folder.