Constant Contact

Overview of Selecting a Template


This section covers the overview of Selecting a Template.

Selecting a Template Overview


This section displays the sub navigation for the different types of email layouts to choose from. You can select any of these as a start point. These include:

  • Standard - This section displays email templates with images and text.
  • Recent - This section displays the most recent email campaigns you have created.
  • Layouts - This section displays basic layouts.

You can Search for a email style or campaign type by using the Search Bar highlighted below.


Emails and layouts are displayed in this section.


Brand Emails - This option is a paid for process with Constant Contact to design a email Brand relative to your Business.


Custom Code - This option allows for an email to be designed completely by code. Note: You must know HTML and CSS to create emails with this option.


Import PDF to Email - This option allows you to upload an email created in a PDF. The process will transfer the content of the PDF to new email Campaign that you can edit.