Constant Contact



This section covers the overview of Sections used in emails.


Sections are main areas of your email. They stretch the entire width of the email and house elements.


To view the outline of a section, hover over the text in the document window as highlighted below. This will display the outline of the Section, aswell as the outline of the element(s) inside of the Section.


When you hover a section, the Section Options will be display on the right hand side. They appear as 3 grey boxes with icons.


Move Section - To move a section, click and hold on the button with 4 arrows and drag the the section up or down.


Additional Options - To access the additional options, click on the button with the Cog. This will pop up a small window with 3 more options.


Delete Section - To delete a section, click on the button with the Trash Can.


Duplicate Section - To duplicate a section, click on the button with 2 overlapping squares.


Change Background Colour - To change the background colour of a section, click on the button with the paint bucket.


Add Dynamic Content - To add dynamic content, click on the button with a light bulb. You will need to upgrade your account to access this