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Moving Elements


This section covers how to move existing Elements to existing Sections that house elements. Also, you will be re-arranging the order of Elements in the same Section.

Select an Element to Move


To Move an Element, hover over the white space of the element so that only the sections blue border shows.

Note: If you hover over the Elements content, a smaller blue border will show which it negate you being able to drag the element.

Moving the Selected Element


Next, drag the element to an Existing Section that has an Element inside of it. You will notice a pink bar extending the width of the inner email showing. Move that pink bar into the new section and release the mouse.

Note: Be sure the pink bar is the width of the email, and not extending beyond it. If the pink bar is longer than the width of the email, you will be creating a new section. If the pink bar is the width of the email, the element will be housed inside an existing section.

Confirming the Element Has Moved


Once you have moved the element, you will immediately see the changes in the email.


You can confirm the element has been moved properly by hovering over it and seeing where the section options are. They should also start at the top of the section.

Section Options and Top Element


To fully verify, hover over the top element and pay attention to the Section Options highlighted below.


Next, move your mouse down and hover over the element beneath it. The Section Options should remain in the same position as both elements are housed in the same Section.

Re-arranging Elements in Section


Re-arranging the order of elements in a section is the same method as described about. Click on the white space of the element at the top of the section.

Moving the Element


Click and drag the element below the other element while using the pink bar as the guide. Release the mouse to see the changes take effect.

Verifying the Element is in the Section


To verify the Element is still in the same section, hover over it.


The Section Options will be shown at the top of the section, not inline with the element you moved below.